Products I’m currently using on wash day for my natural hair

What’s up y’all! Today I will be sharing my current wash day routine products. Lately I’ve been shampooing my hair instead of cowashing! I also deep condition every week.

Step 1-

I’ve been shampooing with my favorite shampoo at the moment Hask Curl Care Shampoo. I love this shampoo. My hair doesn’t feel stripped after using this product. It’s sulfate free and doesn’t contain any harsh hair ingredients. It also gets my hair squeaky clean. I got this product from Walgreens for under $10.

Step 2- Condition.

I condition my hair after using my shampoo. The conditioner I’ve been loving this month has been the Dove Quench Absolute for dry and course hair. This conditioner is so moisturizing. I can finger detangle easily while washing my hair. It also has a pleasant smell. I got this conditioner in a bundle along with the shampoo and serum for $10 last year.

Step 3- Deep Conditioner.

Deep conditioning once a week is a must for me. I never skip! Lol. A lot of naturals don’t Deep condition as often but I have to. I just feel it’s a very important step in wash day. My deep conditioner of choice has been the Tresemme Bontanique Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera. I bought this deep conditioner on impulse. I knew wanted a deep conditioner that was affordable and effective. I also did a first impression on my YouTube channel I used a lot of it. I love it. It’s so good, moisturizing, and I recommend it.

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Curvaceous Curls Conditioner & Spiral Styler Product Review

Hey guys! Welcome back to another blog. Today I will be doing a product review on Redken Curvaceous Conditioner and Curvaceous for Spirals. I used these products to achieve a wash N go.

PROS- RedKen Curvaceous Conditioner

• a lot of slip

• nice smell

• very thick

• creamy texture

• mixed well w| EcoStyler Argan Oil Gel

• can be used as a leave in or rinse out


• hair felt moisturized when but hair had no moisture after dried.

• kinda of pricey ($18)

•contains silicones

PROS- RedKen Curvaceous for Spirals Styler

a lot of slip

product was easy to work through hair shaft.

nice smell

thin texture

• curls were very defined


• no moisture

• contains silicones

Final Thoughts

I wanted to like this product so bad, which initially I did before the results. This product lacked moisture and moisture is a big thing for naturals especially in the cooler months. Although I did do the L.O.C Method it still failed to provide this moisture that I needed. I did love my wash n go results which lasted for 4 days. To be honest it could’ve lasted longer but I wasn’t feeling the dryness! Lol, not a fan. I ended up remoisturizing with different products and two strand twisted my hair.

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Natural Hair Hacks All Naturals Should Know!


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today I will giving you guys some natural hair hacks.  As a natural I’m always trying out new things to make wash days easier.  LOL.

1.  Grocery bag for deep conditioning.

Yes, a grocery bag comes in handy.  LOL, like who would’ve thought? They are great for deep conditioning! They provide all the hydration that your hair needs.

2. Adding water to conditioner.

I like to add water to my shampoo and conditioner when I’m running low.  Especially when they are expensive.  They stretch the product and still works the same.

3.  No hair dryer? No problem.

A lot of us don’t own hair dryers, but that’s ok.  I got you girl!  I down own a hair dryer myself.  In place of one I add a towel over my grocery bag, a scarf, or a beanie.  Yes, works like a charm every time.

4.  Adding Oils to deep conditioner.

For added moisture you can always add oils to your deep conditioner.  Your hair will feeling extremely soft, moisturized, and shiny.

5.  Create your own deep conditioner.

Sometimes deep conditioners can be on the expensive side.  So spend less money by creating your own! It’s very simple to do.  You can add what you want to your deep conditioner mixture.


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Easy Fall Protective Style For Natural Hair 


Fall is here!’s finally starting to get cold in Georgia! The weather can be very bipolar sometimes LOL. As a #natural this is the time of the year when I like to rock protective styles. So I decided to do some flat twists. This style is very simple and easy. To achieve this look I used the True #bymadebeautiful Hydrating Hair Butter and True #bymadebeautiful Conditioning Styling Cream. These products are so bomb and smell amazing! To see a full tutorial, click the link to my YouTube channel subscribe.

I hope that you guys try this style! Thanks for reading.

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Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice!

Aloe Vera seems to be poppin‘ all over social media platforms! Everybody has been using it but it’s not something new.  Aloe has been used for years in the Carribeans for all sorts of things.  I went to Walmart and decided to pick up some.  So after doing some experimenting with my hair and seeing if it’s as good as it seems.  I became a fan! LOL.  


  • promotes hair growth.
  • moisturizes hair.
  • restores natural PH balance of the hair and scalp.
  • reduces dandruff.
  • naturally conditions the hair
  • reduces hair shedding.
  • promotes shine.

Ways to Use

  • pre-poo
  • leave-in

You can mix with oil, shampoo, conditioner, or distilled water. Be careful not to use too much because it can make your hair hard.  When I used Aloe Vera juice as the L in the LOC or LCO method I notice a big difference.  My hair has shine and less shedding.  Be sure to store opened container in fridge.

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Moisturizing Natural Hair

Recently I’ve discovered what my natural hair has been missing.  As natural girls we often struggle with dry hair if your hair isn’t properly moisturized. Well after doing some research on different methods on moisturizing natural hair. I decided to give the LCO Method a try.

LCO Method

  • L- Leave In or Liquid
  • C- Cream
  • O- Oil

May hair felt extremely soft when I applied my products in this order. It was also very shiny and moisturized!  Yes girl! When adding products make sure you are starting from your ends to your roots. Also work the product in to evenly distribute the product throughout your hair. Be gentle when doing this process. You can use your fingers, detangling brush, or wide tooth comb to detangle. After detangling you can two strand twist or braid hair to lock in moisture. The next day you can unravel the twists or braids.